Can't connect to network attached storage device

  1. Running CPF with default settings on Windows XP SP2 PC.

  2. Have a small wired/wireless network with a Buffalo LinkStation NAS @; NIC in PC @; router @ (all ports stealthed)

  3. Can’t connect to NAS with CPF Custom security level; with security level Allow All, connection to NAS is fine.

Please advise. TIA.

You need to add your network into your trusted zone Security->Tasks->Add a new trusted network zone.

Then it should be ok.

Just for the fun of it, I uninstalled and installed There’s now no problem connecting to my NAS. Is my problem related to the upgrade? Thanks.

Current update, improved the state machine. This exact behavior was also causing non-stealthing issues on some computers. So if you can connect without a trusted zone, thats the minor problem. You should not have.

With .81, you need to define your trusted zone otherwise it will block.

Added network to the trusted zone, and now have a connection. Thanks.