Can't Connect To Internet


i need help , i installed comodo on my system. i think its a good product . but it seems to not let me connect to the internet
when is comodos on , it says limited internet

please can you help me much appreciated!.


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G’day and welcome to the forums.

If your connection is through a router or a modem/router, you need to create a zone that includes the IP of your router and set that zone as trusted.

Once CPF is installed on your PC, the first thing you should do is to use the zone wizard to define the zone that is your LAN. This is found in SECURITY - TASKS - ADD/REMOVE/MODIFY A ZONE. You will need to know the IP address range that your network adaptor is using. This can be found in the SYSTEM INFO box on the STATUS page of the firewall. In the examples below, we’re assuming that your IP address is between and

You should define the start address of the zone as and the end address of the zone as You should give this zone a meaningful name, like LAN, so it is readily identifiable in any rules you manually create that use it.

The next step is to add this zone as a trusted network. This will create network monitor rules that will allow traffic across the machines that make up your LAN. The trusted network wizrds is found in SECURITY - TASKS - WIZARDS - DEFINE A NEW TRUSTED NETWORK. in the wizard, use the zone name we defined in step 1.

You can check what rules have been created in the Network Monitor section of CFP.

Hope this helps,
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Hi panic,

Thank You , For ur response

I had tried your method, But still CFP blocks acess for my Local Are Connection to go through.

I guess i will try another firewall product, and i hope CFP sort this problem out.



Perhaps if you were to provide us with a few more details about your specific environment, and also the details of the problems you are experiencing, we would be able to provide you with a more specific answer…


my connection is through a router or a modem, (Local Area Network) {LAN}

all it is , is that once i install CFP my connection is limited, and by unistalling it my connection is complety perfect.

CFP doesn’t say if it has block it or what .



my connection is through a router or a modem

Is it a router or a modem, cable or non-cable?

(Local Area Network) {LAN}

How many PCs do you have on your LAN. Can any connect, if so which?

is that once i install CFP my connection is limited

What do you mean by limited, you have some connectivity or none? Is it all applications or only certain applications. If so which

CFP doesn't say if it has block it or what

Have you checked your log files, are they enabled, what information do they contain?

Perhaps you would post the details here?


My favourite kind of user…
Already in his second post he blames cpf, while he doesn’t even know for sure how he is connected to the net…
I bet he didn’t read the tutorials either…
Anyway, we are here to help, or at least try to.

So mdmiah, Toggie pointed out some fundamental questions you may try to find the answer to, so we can think of a solution for you.

I have a guess about what is he refering with limited connection: I am connected tru a wireless router. If I give a false wap key, or block on of the svchost.exe’s or dhcp conenction, I’ll get a limmited/restricted connection. This means here that windows sees the router, but can’t connect to it. If I blocked the wrong windows processes, only a reboot, or ‘allow all’ setting repaired the connection.