Can't connect to internet [possible solution]

This may help some folks who run in to this problem.

After the most recent update of the firewall I found that I was unable to connect to the internet. For some bizarre reason I couldn’t communicate to DNS/DHCP client, though I could ping localhost.

I went through my mile long troubleshoot lists and I found that, for some reason, on the reboot after the update the Windows Installer Service was disabled. This choked everything related to the internet. As soon as I started WIS everything was dandy.

If this has been discussed; I apologize. I did do searches on ‘WIS’ and ‘Windows Installer’ which returned a lot of results. I read through some, not all.

Please excuse my noob question, but I’ve never had to re-enable WIS.
How is this done?


In the Services Console, start the Windows Installer service.

Start → Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Services

Can you reproduce that?

The reason for asking is that the Comodo Internet Security Helper service says it is only dependent on the Remote Procedure Call service and two others. See attached image.

[attachment deleted by admin]

The best I can do is wait for another update to the Firewall; that is when it happened. After the ‘live update’ the install attempted to finish up on reboot. It couldn’t finish because the WIS had been disabled.

Comodo Internet Security Helper service is dependent only on the Remote Procedure Call service, however; WIS also is dependent on the Remote Procedure Call service.

I’ll see what happens on next update.