Can't connect to internet, get firewall settings error

On my home PC I am runningWindows XP Media Center SP2. I am connected via Verizon DSL through their modem and a Linksys Wireless router, the PC is hardwired to the router. The Laptop works perfectly but on the PC I cannot get onto Internet Explorer or Firefox. My emails will update through Outlook and I stil get weather updates from my Weather Channel Desktop, but I cannot get onto internet. When I run the Diagnostics I get a message that says to check HTTP Port 80, HTTPS port 443 and FTP Port 21 firewall settings. I went into interet options and shut off firewall and still same problem… Any ideas??? Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance…

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Could you please post more info if you are using CIS what parts you have installed firewall/firewall and Defence+ etc. and what version Miscellaneous/About.

Also what other security software you have installed and running.

Thank you

What is CIS?? I don’t think I have firewall/firewall or Defense+1. I am running a Norton Anti-Virus.

CIS = Comodo Internet Security

No, I’m not running CIS. What is it? Will it help me?

Hi mxrider29,

Can you please be more descriptive?

You posted into Comodo Firewall section. Therefore those questions by Dennise2

In addition … What “Diagnostics” did you run? Comodo Firewall has Diagnostics… but answering Dennise’s questions you replied

No, I'm not running CIS.

It means that neither Comodo’s Antivirus nor Comodo’s Firewall are installed.

In this case provide detailed information about the firewall you are using

Is it native Windows Firewall? Is it any other 3rd party firewall?

Post the precise message or the image of the message displayed.

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What is it? Will it help me?

It may help because Comodo Firewal is currently the best on the market…
at the same time …it may not help in case the initial problem not solved… with your current system setup / firewall/ …or whatever is the cause at the moment

I don’t think I’m running any 3rd party firewalls or anything. How would I find out if there is?

The exact error message is:

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage:
Most likely causes:
you are not connected to Internet
The website is encountering problems
There might be a tyoing error in the address.

If I diagnose connection problem, the Windows XP Network diagnostics says:
Windows cannot connect to the internet using HTTP,HTTPS, or FTP. This is probably caused by firewall settings on this computer.
Check the firewall settings for the HTTP port (80),HTTPS port (443) and FTP port (21).

I have no idea what’s going on, in internet options I have the firewall turned off…

Hi mxrider29,

Well, you must know whether you have another Firewall installed or not.

One thing we found from your answers that it is not Comodo Firewall

Then, if you are using the native Windows Firewall, which is very week stuff you should not disable it like forever anyway, but probably just temporary for testing – keep that in mind

What other security you are running?

If you don’t know about 3rd party Firewall on your PC then you may not know that something was pre-installed, when you got the PC

Sometimes firm-designed PCs are coming with whole security Suite (at least trial for a year)
In this case that may have 3rd party Firewall as well.

You have to find out that

Is your computer Standalone or you have LAN?

Can you be more specific about “disabling Windows Firewall via Internet Options…
I am probably very tired, but I cannot remember that can be done in that particular area.

There is Windows Firewall in Control Panel and there is Security Centre
Please check it there

What you can do have to check in Internet Options when described error occurs – is to be sure that none of your programs that related to internet did not set the Proxy without your knowledge

Go to Internet Options > Connections Tab > LAN… button

What ticks are set there ?

If you have proxy settings – uncheck; Save and Restart IE

And another experiment you can perform:

Reboot into Safe Mode with Networking and and try your browsers.

But I would on the contrary, be sure that Windows Firewall is ON, when performing such experiment.

That’s for a start

My regards

p.s. *** added ***
I forgot to ask. Please get Autoruns from SysInternals
Run it; Choose Logon Tab
Save the report in text format. You can attach it here to gather wit the image of the Logon Screen
This way we can see what’s going on on startup