Can't connect computer to Xbox 360

Ok so like the topic name suggests I can’t get my computer to connect to my Xbox 360 so I can stream music, videos and what not to my Xbox 360 from my computer. I can connect to Xbox Live fine and my computer can connect to the internet fine. I tried looking up similar threads on the forums but I’m still having trouble getting them to connect so I was wondering if any kind souls could help me out here. I’m using V3 of Comodo and I have XP SP3.

Thanks in advance.

you have allowed sharing in windows media player aswell?

Yes I have allowed sharing in WMP.

now this happened to me all of a sudden =(. no idea why, havent changed a thing.
tried doing some stuff other have done, but no dice.

edit: not even when i disabled the firewall it worked. weird ;/

Hello (:HUG)
Does this link help?

i “solved” it by installing tversity. might not be the best solution, but for now itll have to do =)