Can't connect BOClean

Hi @all,
Today i try to make an update from BoClean but i got always this error:

I’m using this tool now for longer than 1 Year without problems but today he don’t want update. Always the same screen. The log is empty.

Windows XP pro SP2 all updates


Hello Robby,

Same here, appears to be a server problem with comodo, give it a few hours and try again.


I have the same problem for the past 16 hours now! It will clear soon :■■■■

Hi guys :slight_smile:

I have the same problem.

Just a wild guess : Maybe it is related to the release of BOClean 4.26 , because from that version on the manual and automatic updater wil use WEB downloading instead of FTP.

Anyhow, I will pm Kevin and Melih about this :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Just so everyone knows … we’re going to CONTINUE to support the FTP for a long while, but we HAVE finally settled old problems with doing web downloads, forcing BOClean to do FTP for many years … IE has finally had its innards patched to the point where the old problems with “last packet vanishes” no longer occurs in ANY version of Windows. We STILL support WFW 3.11 through Vista and all in between. Some were mighty hosed yet BOClean did them all, so long as they were WIN32 or WIN32S …

But yes, beginning with 4.26, BOClean will no longer require all sorts of rain dances with various firewalls to “let us through.” :slight_smile: