Can't complete scan or remove Threats [Resolved]

I am unable to complete a scan or remove threats. During a scan, I get a “cmdagent.exe - Application Error” and the scan comes to a halt. Several theats were identified at this point, but I was unable to quarantine or remove the threats. I am looking for a solution to my problems.

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Use an alternative scanner, such as Dr.Web CureIt and tell us it says you have.

Try removing DEP from CmdAgent.exe. That has helped other members with this problem.

I ran Dr. Web CureIt and it found several items it didn’t like, but they were different items from the ones Comodo found and couldn’t remove. Since it takes 14 hours for Comodo to do a scan, I try a Comodo scan again this evening and let it run overnight.

I don’t know what DEP is or how to remove it from CmdAgent.exe. Please provide a little more detail.

Thanks to all for the help!

Try this link, as it may help you.

John -

I think I made the change you suggested. I added CmdAgent.exe to the list of programs DEP ignores. The listing says “Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select”. CmdAgent.exe is selected.

Does it scan properly now ?


Xan -

I start a scan and see if it works. It takes 14 hours to complete a scan, so I won’t know for some time.

14 hours :o

Can I ask you :

  • is there any other security product installed?
  • how many files ca you have on your computer


Xan -

I’m not sure how many files are on the HD, but they occupy 176 GB of space. I know there is a file count as the scan progresses, but the scan is over and the data disappears when I’m not at the screen.

I’m not aware of any other security product on the computer. At one time I had Zone Alarm, but it has been removed.

Well, then I hope that you’re running a bit of an older computer. 14 hours is a disaster in my eyes. I get nervous if it takes longer then 10 minutes 88)

are you running any realtime defraging program ?


Xan -

The computer is a Pentium dual core, 2.80 GHz with 2 GB ram. Diskeeper 2008 runs in the background. A 10 minute scan would be great. Do you think Diskeeper is the slowdown?

Comodo scan completed sucessfully. Zero threats, over 696,000 objects scanned in a little over 5 hours.

An improvement in scan time and a successful scan.
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