Can't comment on Youtube videos using Comodo! [Solved]

Hello !

Today i got rid of Chrome solely because of lack of support for third party extensions. Did a quick google search and found Comodo Dragon. Really loving it! Scrolling is way smoother than any other browser i’ve used (Chrome,firefox,safari).

However, i’m unable to comment on Youtube videos, is there any way to fix this? When i click on “bell” it says sign-in but i’m already logged-in! What to do ? When i click on “post box” to comment on any Youtube video it opens a Google plus pop-up dialog and closes automatically, i dunno what it do. But i’m not able to comment at all! I’ve Firefox installed and commenting is working fine there, i believe it was working on Chrome too.

Please help!

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Hi and welcome ChairmanSaab,
Try disabling ‘Realtime 3rd party cookie blocking’ in PrivDog’s preferences.

Kind regards.

Perfect! Thanks!

You are welcome, glad that helped. :slight_smile: