Can't clear Firefox surfing data after installing Comodo

Hi everyone,
I often clear my Firefox “private data” when I’m surfing; it may not stop websites from snooping very much, but , hey, if it makes life a little more difficult for them, it makes me happy!

Just recently I’ve noticed that my cache of previous pages is not being purged when I do clear the data so just wondered if Defender+ or a Comodo setting is “protecting” this info for me? If it is, can someone tell me how to prevent this please?
Thanks for your help,

I don’t appear to have the problem. I have my private data cleared automatically (via tools, options, privacy) when I close FF and just clear my cache.

Do you have Firefox set as a browser?

Hiker you have the new beta which probably fixes this.

Yes, I do but I didn’t notice the problem in the fixes.

I also have my ff data automatically cleared at closing and didn’t have any issue with the official release of CFP 3.0. Stuff was cleared, as well as now with the new beta.

I have Firefox set as my browser although I also use Proxomitron.
In my Firefox privacy settings, I have all items selected to be cleared when I close Firefox, but I occasionally opt to clear the data manually if I’ve been surfing a while and want to make sure cookies etc. are removed.
I’ve checked and whilst cookies are removed, previous browser pages are not whereas they always were in the past when I used Sygate. I’ve tried manually clearing the cache but that doesn’t work either - I can always go back to the previous page.
Any ideas?

Good call. I haven’t had any problems running CCleaner.

Added: Looking further, with Firefox, I assume when I clear my cache and private data, it’s working. However, I don’t see anywhere to clear history on demand. Clearing the cache doesn’t clear history. I can run CCleaner and set it to clear FF’s history, cache, cookies (set what I want to keep) etc. and that works, but you need to close FF in order to do it.

I already have CCleaner and run it every few days. In my (earlier) version of Firefox, (1.5) there is a box for selecting “clear browsing history” as well as cookies and cache. This has always worked in the past as when I have selected Tools\clear private data (even with Firefox still open) the back arrow has always greyed out with previous browser pages being erased.

Something has definitely changed, I’m just not sure what exactly, or how to change it back! A minor glitch I know, but one I’d like to solve. Otherwise no problems.

Thanks for your suggestions anyway,

CCleaner won’t clear your history? Are you still using FF1.5?

I wouldn’t assume it’s Firewall/D+ problem unless you can clear your history with the firewall off.


Unless your manually specified that your firefox profile folder should be either protected or quarantined by Def+, there’s no reason whatsoever why CFP would prevent anything. And ,btw,you should definitely stop using FF 1.5 and switch to now! Imagine FF 3.0 will be there in a few weeks :THNK.

I don’t know how. Using CCleaner, I get a pop up telling me to close Firefox in order for changes to take effect.

that’s normal as CCleaner clears some parts of the cache never cleared by Firefox cleaner itself otherwise, even when they’re not in use anymore, that is, when FF is closed. Just take a look at the cache folder after a closed Firefox cleaning (with Firefox tools), and look for that same folder after a CCleaner operation. Former versions of CCleaner use to delete those files, now the whole folder is simply deleted.

I see in 2.0.011 under tools, options, privacy private data, settings there’s a option to clear browser history when closing.

Close enough for me.

lol, I was gonna tell you but I thought you knew it, had some screenshots already prepared. :SMLR

Thanks. I leave it unchecked and clear from time to time using CCleaner. Regardless, I don’t think any of this is a firewall problem.

I absolutely agree, nothing to do with CFP.

I didn’t realize my version of Firefox was so old - I’ve just downloaded the newer ones. Thanks for the info.
I didn’t mean that I ran ccleaner with Firefox still open, I meant that when surfing I use Firefox itself to clear private data - i.e. I go to Tools on the Firefox menu and select “clear private data”. In the past, this always erased my previous pages but suddenly this does not work. Previous cookies are erased but not my browsing history.

At the end of a surfing session, ccleaner does erase all Firefox history and cache, but I’m still puzzled as to why Firefox is unable to erase previous pages whilst I’m still actively connected to the internet. The only thing I’ve changed recently is my firewall, so I assumed it had something to do with Comodo settings. Maybe an update of my antivirus cleaner has decided to “protect” this data.

After updating Firefox to version 2.0.011, my “problems” were solved. All browsing history is erased once I elect to clear private data manually. It looks like my changing firewalls was not responsible, but I just wanted to check. Thanks for your help Leopard19 and Hikertrash.

I have another query you may be able to help me with: svchost keeps accessing the internet through port 1025 - is this normal? It seems to be connecting to my ISP (I think) on port 53.

I’m trying to learn about Comodo so your help would be appreciated again.