can't check e-mail properly

I use a small mail program that checks 4 different accounts simultaneously. Ever since installing CAV this doesn’t work properly anymore. Two or three of the four accounts fail, giving me “permission denied”, “wrong username\password” or some similar error.
This did not happen before. Does CAV have a problem dealing with these multiple checks at the same time?
If not, what is the problem?

Also, after rebooting Windows showed two warning messages about missing (or was it replaced, I can’t remember) system files. Is that correct?


I think support might like to hear of the issue of missing system files:

About your email, does it work with email scanning off?


I can’t check that anymore. Writing this post was the first and the last thing I did after installing CAV. After that I rebooted (because of an update) and Windows failed to start (missing hal.dll, which was mentioned in this forum). I restored a back-up, so after only a few minutes CAV is history on my system, at least for now.
There were two warnings about missing files before things went wrong and Windows asked the insert the setup disk\cd. However,it couldn’t find the missing files.

Another thing and an annoyance. The default settings for CAV make it delete\quarantine infected (or at least what it thinks is infected) files automatically.So,before the user has time to check how the program works and modify the settings it will remove “infected” files. In my case it removed program file (exe), which happened to be a false positive, definitely. After I wanted to change the program settings, only to find there are only two options:
-quarantine automatically
-deny access
Is there no option to ask the user what to do with the file?

Ok, in that case, can you still email support? No one has found the problem with the hal.dll file and it doesn’t appear to be detected as an infected file.

If you explain this problem and give your system configuration, hopefully, this will further help find this problem.

Sorry to hear you suffered this problem.