Cant change firewall settings

This morning I got a message on my computer saying that I need to reinstall my comodo firewall as there is a problem. On entering the comodo firewall link I was surprised to see that my Level strength was bad when normally it should be excellent. :o All my settings were set to off and couldn’t change them to on as it wouldn’t allow me. ???I can’t connect to the internet as well. whenever i surf the net, I get these alerts saying that a “so and so is trying to connect to the internet, this could be a sign of invisible activity, allow or disallow” if i say disallow then i cant continue surfing the net. maybe i said allow to one of these and that caused the problem?

does this mean that my computer is harmed and even with me reinstalling comodo it would still give me problems?

when speaking to my internet service provider technical help team, he said that he wants me to temporarily disable my firewall to connect to the net and see whether that is the problem.

how do u temporarily disconnect the firewall? :-[

Any help would be highly appreciated!

Thanks alot!!

Hi Gats,
It’s been awhile since I’ve used CPF 2. It’s strange what you’re experiencing. I would go ahead and reinstall cpf 2 or consider switching to cpf 3. Cpf3 at least has a malware scanner which you run upon installation. What other security software are you using? I would “Enable Windows Firewall” first before deactivating CPF. Just right click the icon on the systray and select Exit.

Hope this provides some initial answers to your question.


Hi Eric,

Thanks alot for the reply! Much appreciated :slight_smile: I will definately follow what you’ve mentioned. Hopefullly it’ll do the trick. I have this netgear adsl 2 + modem that I got just this morning. These modems as you know do have firewall settings on them. Would they help? I was using Netcomm before but the PPP lights don’t come on and my ISP technical person whom I called said it was because of my firewall. Luckily I have this new modem which I got from my new ISP. Shall gibe it a shot!

Thanks once again and should you think of anything else please do let me know.


Modems/Routers with Firewall settings means that in addition to it being a modem it is also a hardware firewall. You still need CPF for outbound protection but this will further your inbound protection by blocking unsolicited inbound traffic. You may only notice a few if any inbound alerts in CPF but CPF is still there in case the odd baddy manages to make it through.

Keep us posted how you’re getting on and let us know if you’ve got any other questions etc…


The problem lies with my modem as the ppp lights don’t come on but he other lights are stable (adsl etc) and hence cant connect to the internet. I can’t get to the ping interface as well on the internet browser. A friend suggested i reformat the hard drive which may the only optiion i have.

Any thoughts/suggestions on why the ppp lights aren’t coming on?

Thanks :slight_smile:

The PPP lights not coming on suggests that the modem isn’t properly configured to connect to the internet. What make/model of the Modem is it?

I don’t think you need to reformat your harddrive to fix modem errors. Is it an internal or external modem/router?


Is the PPP light equivalent to one that represents your ethernet connection (assuming it’s hard-wired)? If so you can try re-installing the NIC driver in Device Manager.

As for the main issue with CFP security level being bad and you can’t change the settings, this issue has emerged in the past and it seems to revolve around some software or driver conflict. Usually if CFP’s security monitors have been disabled, it means you have no software; not a direct cause for breaking your internet connection.