Can't boot computer - trouble!

Might have done a daft thing here and I’ve had to boot from an old disk to try and get help.

After uninstalling some software and running Ccleaner on the Registry then rebooting, it gets almost to the desktop and then it’s trying to load/set up mscories.dll and rundll32.exe.
I can’t get in far enough to do anything - only Ctrl+Alt+Delete works - and I can’t choose that start-up menu at boot to try the last good configuration.

Any ideas please?

Hi giraffe ,

Just out of curiosity can you tell what was used in order to uninstall “some Software”?
Was it third party uninstaller with advanced cleaning Reg entries like Revo or alike?
Some of them including Revo can produce Fps, so to speak. Unfortunately we cannot completely rely on those and check in some cases prior to ticking for deletion.
If that happenned I am not sure at all that below procedure will help and Ccleaner is not the one to blame,… but worth trying

  • Boot from Live CD , say from any Linux one
  • Find the latest <>.reg file saved (I hope you did) by CCleaner. Write down full path of .reg
  • Then try to run Regedit from command line in order to merge saved/deleted entries

Regedit.exe should be in C:\Windows

So the command:

regedit.exe /s path_of<saved_CCleaner’s>.reg_file

The switch “/s” (silent) should suppress confirmation questions for merging entries

If you saved any other deleted keys (not by Ccleaner) you can repeat or create a batch, but probably it would be safer merging one by one <>.reg and checking Reboot.

My regards

If you have a standard Windows XP installation CD, you can also load the recovery console by booting from the CD, you can then try the method of recover proposed by SyberLynx. You can also run a repair from the XP CD. Unfortunately, these options may not be available if you have an OEM version of the XP CD

XP Recovery Console

Thanks for the suggestions. Couple of things: it wasn’t Ccleaner (I had used that earlier) but I decided to use Free Window Registry Repair - it’s always been OK before although it does invoke the setting up of Pesonalized settings with the 2 files mentioned. Also I don’t know where the Restore is stored - must find out.

Anyway, I managed to get into Safe Mode (I’d always use F12 for this and have it marked. When it didn’t work I used F5 and that was OK).
Restored the Reg., rebooted and same problem. Safe Mode again, stopped Comodo and Avast from starting and disabled their Services and reboot was OK.
Ran the Reg. cleaner again and a reboot was OK. Got Comodo going, reboot OK. Started Avast - reboot failed.
Safe Mode, repaired Avast - all OK!

Thinking back, I’d updated Avast to the latest Beta, chosen not to restart, then use the Reg. cleaner then closed down. Seems that the two might have been fighting or possibly the Reg. cleaner did something to Avast’s processes during reboot.

Thanks for letting us know, giraffe

Main thing - congrats for being back in business and after all :-TU

Well, I personally never used “Free Window Registry Repair” , but my opinion is - you & anyone would/could be in big or “more than that” troubles with any Reg Cleaner considering

I hope I got it right - the sequence stated was complete honest mistake on your behalf
So, “thinking forward” :slight_smile:
Sure you may not follow the prompt for immediate Reboot for many reasons
That apply either for installing or uninstalling Software(s)… but firing up any Registry Cleaner without offered Reboot may lead to a complete disaster
I’m not going to annoy you with different scenarios re: the matter since I’m sure you (& other users) do understand now how dangerous that can be


Thanks SiberLynx.

Yes, I do/did - and even more so now!

I’m a bit of a freeware ■■■■■■, so every so often I clean out various things. The OS starts up in about the same time as it did when installed and all the other start-up software installed 4.5 years ago. It is a few seconds slower but Comodo and Avast have grown since then and I’ve added a few utilities. Not too bad for an old PC.
In future I’ll try to remember to reboot when asked!