Can't block EA Origin from connecting to 007guard?

G’Day all,

1st time posting but have been using CIS for some time now…

Some of you maybe aware about the whole EA Origin / BF3 privacy concerns & hard drive scanning. Firstly I must point out I am not trying to block Origin however I am trying to block Origin from connecting through to 007Guard on random ports, which is considered spyware etc…

As soon as a I execute Origin.exe (required to play BF3) & even if I cancel Origin & do not decide to login, from looking at the log files within Windows Process Monitor I have noticed many successful TCP Send & Receive connections from Origin.exe to xxx.007guard. I find this rather strange & disturbing as I have setup block Global rules for this host (007guard), Application rules around Origin.exe, Blocked Zones for this host & furthermore added host blocking rules into my router. I even have a “Ask” rule on all IN/OUT TCP/UDP for Origin.exe however I am never prompted for any such activity. When executing Origin.exe the comodo icon in the tray does show IN/OUT activity as well.

For a learning exercise could someone please explain how this application is bypassing my firewall & router rules and if you have any suggestion to block this 3rd party activities to 007guard I would really like to read them.

Cheers in advance! Have to try & keep the B@stards honest :wink:

I am blocking them successfully by keeping my wallet closed :slight_smile:

Before we go into the level of rules, are you using avast 7 on a windows 7 with comodo?

sweet, to easy… I am using Kaspersky 2011 on Win 7 x64 with comodo 5.10.

what about sandboxing Origin? i’m interested in ways of partially or fully blocking Origin without losing the ability to play BF…