Can't backup to Bufflao NAS

Can anyone help, I can not backup using any method to my Buffalo NAS. The backup software can easily browse the destination network folder but the backup fails instantly. It is as if the backup software only has read only access. The NAS shares are set to Everyone Full control. I have no issues accessing and writing to the NAS using any other software or even FTP, which also fails.

What process is the bakcup software using to talk to a NAS share? and what username is it passing? is it anonymous or the logged on user??

Any help would be good, I see alot of people have reported similar NAS related issues but there seems to be no feedback as to a fix or workaround.

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Please provide the log of a backup process.
You can enable logging to file in backup step 4.
Also please follow steps here to enable & collect debug information during your attempt to backup: