Can't Backup to a USB Drive

COMODO just installed the latest copy of COMODO Backup on my computer. The previous version worked fine.

When I do a backup it keeps insisting on backing up to the c:\program files\comodo\comodo-backup folder in spite of the fact that I want to back up to the G:\ drive which is a USB harddrive. I’ve even set the default to G:. I’m doing a Simple Full backup.

The backup works but I then have to manually move it from the C:\ drive to the G:\ drive.

I am running Windows 7.

Is there something I’m doing wrong?

I would appreciate any advice someone might offer.

Please update to the latest version and reply if the issue still occurs.


Installing the latest version as you suggested, corrected the problem with writing to the USB Drive.

I’m still having problems with some of the other features. When I edit my backup profile, Comodo Backup doesn’t retain the changes. “Enable Macro Setting” doesn’t retain the file name and the “Create Parent Folders in Destination Folder” checkbox setting isn’t retained.

After editing the profile and running the backup, the status bar show 100% during the entire backup with 0 time remaining.

FInally, is there a way to edit the backup profile without having to run it?


Thank you for reporting the above issues, they will be fixed in the next release.

Not in this version. We wil fix this in the next release.

I have just installed the latest version of CBU and run my first full BU and are experiencing the same issue, being it backed up to my C drive rather than the external HDD I’d selected in settings??? I’ve uninstalled the program, deleted the back-up folder and wish to reinstall and run another full backup. How can I be sure that it wont happen again? I dont want to fill my C drive as this slows down my OS.

Please make sure you select your external hard disk in backup step 2.