Can't Backup Settings under Vista

[Vista Ultimate 32x] Still can’t backup my settings after trying various advice. When I check “run as administrator”, Comodo refuses to load-I just get a dead stub in Task Manager that I can’t kill. Unchecking allows Comodo to load normally, but then still can’t backup. Have tried different public destinations, UAC is turned off, still no success. Are others having this problem is Vista, or have any Vista users found a solution? (:AGY)
SUCCESS: Found the problem. Had played with most of the Vista settings, so tried turning UAC off again (it was complaining that it was already off). Still complains, but no allows export of settings.

I have the same problem (also Vista Ultimate x86). When I try to backup, I point it to my “Documents” folder, give it a file name (“comodo.config”), and after a couple of seconds it pops up with “Unable to export the configuration. Please make sure you have enough rights for the path”. I have full control over that folder (and the whole folder tree), and so do the “Administrators” group and the “SYSTEM” pseudo-user. The really weird thing is, it creates a file with the name I gave in the chosen location, but that file is empty (0 bytes). I have tried it from my regular login (standard user) and from an admin account, with UAC turned on and off, to no avail.

Did you actually turn UAC off by going to control panel/user accounts, unchecking the UAC box and rebooting. I had turned UAC off before with another tool, and it didn’t seem to turn it off to the satisfaction of Comodo.

I too was getting the error message “Unable to export the configuration. Please make sure you have enough rights for the path”. Temporarily switching off UAC solved the problem, but I wonder what other pieces of functionality are being suppressed by running the firewall with UAC on?

I also found some other programs that worked differently when I completely turned off UAC. Speedfan found a couple of more temperature sensors to monitor my laptop. The “some programs are blocked” message at startup disappeared. There are probably some more, but I plan to keep UAC permanently and completely disabled. Haven’t found anything else in Comodo that it fixed. “Ask” still doesn’t work for a Network/Security Policy program setting. Doesn’t appear to have broken anything either.

Actually I went into the security policy editor and turned off UAC for members of the admin group only. I’ll try turning it off completely and come back with the result, but this issue still requires correction in the firewall program. Not everyone knows how to play with the security settings, after all. Otherwise I’d be out of a job :wink:

Update: After turning off UAC from the “user accounts” applet, I was able to save the CFP settings. But all kinds of other programs ceased working properly, so I promptly turned UAC back on the way it was before…

I found that a few other programs needed some changes with UAC turned off-sometimes because they had originally worked around UAC for data storage contraints (virtual storage"), sometimes because some requests for permissions seem to have gotten lost. The newsreader Agent, for example, had me reinitialize the whole configuration for its new data storage setup. Could have just moved the data but was not a big deal. Anomalies in Textpad operation and Powerdesk shutdown went away. And expect to find more things along the way. Have found no negative impact yet, many positive impacts by turning off UAC, although sometimes, like Agent, there has been some reconfiguration effort involved. And of course I can now save my Comodo settings. :slight_smile: