Can't add files to quarantine

hi guys!
I’ve installed CIS and I have to say it’s great, but I have a little problem. When I try to add a file to quarantine, I click add, select the file, apply but it doesn’t work. quarantine is empty.
is it an issue or my problem?
thank you. :wink:

(sorry if my English is not good, but I’m Italian… (:SHY) )

Hi colmoti,welcome to the forum,

A quick question,what happens if you open Antivirus/Quarantined Items/Now select “Add”/Find a file and double click it(a file not a folder).It should now be in quarantined items.
With you saying you select “APPLY” are you sure your not using the Firewall/Define a new blocked application or Defence+/My blocked files section.


thank you for answering :wink:
I meant “open”, not “apply”. sorry… “My blocked files” works perfectly.
I’ve just tried again: nothing. I go to quarantined items/ add/find /select the file and double click it but in the quarantine window still says “there are no items to show”.
I don’t know if it is my problem or what. I’m using the firewall for 2 years and it never gave me a single problem. I just love it. this is the only issue because the whole suite works good.