can't activate remote capture by anti theft

I’ve a problem with anti theft by configuring an email address.
what ever I tried to use, he said the configuration failed.
I tried different mail accounts but none will be accepted.

Did somebody know where my mistake is?

Arne (from germany)

What is your e-mail provider?

Hi, thx for response.
I tried freenet, googlemail and some of my own domains.

Some tips for google mail:
port: 587

tick the authentication

provide your full e-mail address and password

Ok, thanks. It works now with googlemail.
for more information how to use it with my own accounts I will be very happy.
Because googlemail is a mostly unused account by me.

But thanks for your help to make it work with gmail for so long…

It’s vital to provide your full e-mail address when authentication is required. (in many cases).
Port for secure connections (with authentication) may be different than this one for regular connections.