Can't activate CPF

This is what i get. Installed this latest one on fresh system. Activation key is the same as before.

It can happen after 2-3 weeks from the time you got the license.

But it is not a real problem. Just get another one :wink:

I am getting the same and I think it is because it is using port 137 which in my case is blocked by my router. As far as I know this port is used by trojans and should be blocked.


And whats the point of “lifetime” license if it dies after 2-3 weeks? ???

Lifetime license starts after you successfully activated your software. If your activation code is expired, you should receive another one and use it.


Ooooook, i still don’t get it why activation key should ever expire… Don’t see any real advantage except unnecessary mails in all directions.

We only keep the License keys in our server live for so long. Because once the user has installed it, we see no purpose to keep it in our systems so we get rid off it.


I hope you can change this, because this is very annoying…

Everything is open to discussion.
What would you recommend as an alternative solution?
Pls put it in the wish list.

I will try to not forget it… :wink:

Due to your screenshot, it appears that you are/were using a copy of Windows Vista beta, CPF is not ready to go to Vista yet, and won’t be until the general availability (aroung January). So try it on XP see what happens.

You need to get another license key by rerequesting it from the www site.