Can't activate Comodo (got partial work-around)


When I try to enter my activation code… It tells me I do not have admin privileges and to please contact my administrator.

However, I do have admin privileges. The Active Directory account that I am logged into is in the Administrators group on this machine… And I have never had any trouble doing any sort of admin thing for the few years that I’ve had this machine.

I just downloaded Comodo yesterday, so I assume it’s the latest version. IE is set to my default browser. (Though I usually use Firefox and do switch back and forth… I did double check that IE is set to be the default)

I using Windows XP Pro SP2 all patched up to date.

I have a virus scanner installed. It’s McAfee VirusScan Enterprise v8.0i Patch Version 13.

That’s all I can think of…

Does anyone have any idea how I can get it to activate…?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated. Comodo looks pretty cool so far! :slight_smile: Thanks!


"Adjust your browser settings: Using Internet Explorer 6 as an example, please uncheck the option “Do not save encrypted pages to disk” available in the “Tools–>Internet Options–>Advanced -->Security” tab. "


Thanks for the reply… and for the suggestion… :slight_smile:

Unfortunately… I saw that suggestion somewhere else (in the knowledgebase, I think) and already had a look… And the option “Do not save encrypted pages to disk” was already unchecked.

Any other thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated…


Maybe you have to be a local not domain user with admin rights like this thread suggested,1538.0.html


Try logging in to the OS administrator account.

Windows XP Professional Instructions:

  1. At boot up screen press Ctrl, Alt, Delete; 2X (2 times)
  2. In the logon box type Administrator as the user name.
  3. Enter the OS Administrator Password (you set the password when you first setup Windows XP) then press Enter to login.

Windows XP Home Edition Instructions (also works for XP Pro):

  1. Right before Windows starts booting start tapping the F8 Key.
  2. Boot in Safe Mode.
  3. When you reach the logon screen click the Administrator account.
  4. Enter the Administrator password (you set the admin password when you first setup Windows XP) then press Enter to login.

This will log you on as the default system administrator.

Hi soyabeaner,

Hey… Thanks for the suggestion! :slight_smile: I appreciate it, totally! I actually did try to search the forums when I first noticed the problem and did not find the thread you refer to ??? - But maybe that was just me being blind or something…

It does look like it may hold the answer… Though I have to say that if it does do the job… Then it’s a bug… But I’ll give it a try in a couple hours… I just gotta run now - and it’ll take me a little while to try it since I’m at home and it’s on my work machine - so I have to RDP in and stuff.

I’ll also say that when I finally sent an email into support (after creating a support account - when I tried before doing that, it just came back saying I needed a support account…) They replied very quickly! - And passed it on to the developers… So that really helped boost my view of Comodo - which was starting to go down. :-/

Thanks again! I’ll give 'er a try soon and report back!

(whups… I typed this a couple hours ago and left without hitting post!) :wink: - anyway… going to try you suggestion in a few min! :slight_smile:


Hi Justin,

Thanks for the reply… and for the suggestion! :slight_smile:

On Windows XP Pro - if it’s in an Active Directory… You can’t do the fast user switching and stuff and you always log in by typing your login ID & pass… In other words, you only hit ctrl-alt-del once… but I know what you mean… So… No worries…

As per soyabeaner’s message referring to a thread which effectively suggests the same thing (well, logging in as a local account with admin, instead of a domain account with local admin privs… but not necessarily the “Administrator” account…) So I’ll be trying that in a few minutes… and will post back with my results…

Thanks again! :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile:

Thanks to soyabeaner and justin1278 … I have finally managed to activate Comodo Firewall! :slight_smile:

Much thanks and appreciation to both of you!

Unfortunately, this pretty clearly indicates a bug in Comodo Firewall… Since both the Active Directory account and the local account are local admins.

And… although as Triplejolt mentions in the other thread referred to by soyabeaner… Domain admins can “adjust” your rights via domain policies… If you can run the Group Policy Management console and view (and/or edit) the domain policies (as is my case) then you know if you have been restricted in any significant way (that’s relevant) … And I have not.

So this is broken behaviour… Unless I’m missing something… (which is possible, of course…)

Also… As others have mentioned but I don’t think I did specifically… I can also not run the Update(s) as my domain account with local admin privs… Which will be much more of a bother… With my domain profile being on a server it can take some time to log in and out… So I tend not to as much as possible. So having to log out of my domain account and log into a local account with admin privileges every time I want to check for updates will be a pain.

But… At least it’s activated and working properly now! :slight_smile:

Thanks again! ;D