Can't acess my router page anymore! [SOLVED]

Hello Before i install Comodo firewall i could use the router page normally now it’s not openning i uninstalled comodo but it remain blocked comodo messed anything which i can’t identify… sorry my english and please help!

when i installed first the program it made the connection limited or no connectivity then i used the repair function… and it fixed and i think it was my mistake! anyone help me fix it please!

helllllllllllllppppppppp for gods sake someone help me? please

i can’t see the other computers on my network group too! p.s i had to install comodo again to try soolve this problem but i can’t find whats blocking this!

It sounds like there may be another security program in the way. May be your previous firewall was not uninstalled correctly. What was your previous firewall?

What other security programs are running in the background? What happens when you disable them?

thanks for replying me, i always used only windows firewall my antivirus is avira, this problem started after i installed firewall comodo (without the antivirus) i can’t access the router’s page anymore. even After i uninstall the comodo firewall the problem reamined. Ireinstalled now hoping i can unblock this, but i don’t know how please help me :-[

For the router admin page access problem.

In CIS if you set your web browser to use web browser policy?

Then your browser is limited to the predefined http port set. 80, 443, 8080.

Some routers/firewalls use non standard ports to serve admin pages.

Easy to fix.
Open your browser and then try to open the router admin page from a bookmark.
Look in the browser address bar. note the port number. the number here in red.

Open CIS and go to Firewall > Advanced > Network Security Policy.
On the My Port Sets tab.
Highlight HTTP Ports > Add > A new port
Select A single port type in 81 or whichever yours is
Click apply… the port is now added to the HTTP Ports list.
Click OK to close the Network Security Policy window.

Now in your browser you should be able to get the router admin page to load.

Hope this helps.

I did that, but when i load the page from the favorites, it doesnt shows any port, only: waiting… and remains like this forever untill it shows “done” but the page remains blank… so where else i can see the port?
thank you


Sorry about that, I said some not all routers use the non standard port.

Your problem is more likely something else.

Have you made your LAN a trusted Zone?


yes i have made trusted zone, can you explain me what could have happened? thanks

So, are you saying everything else is working properly?

You have normal LAN access to other devices and normal internet access?

Some general things to try/check.

Check you are connected by cable to router, on correct LAN # connection for admin.

Have you cleared Browser cache, temp files and try again.

Try another browser?

Reboot router?


im conected by router, have other computers on conected as well( which arent mine) everything was working properly untill i install comodo, i can’t open the router page anymore i clear cache evrything system restore, if at least i could know the router port?

Check the router manual for exactly what you need to enter, for access.

Check the Firewall log for any blocks from your IP to router IP.

well i solved the problem reseting the modem, the router page is opening again
thanks bad for your support. :-*

Comodo Secure DNS settings were applied i guess.