Can't access windows shares from Mac OS X machine (SMB blocked).

Hello. I just switched to Comodo Firewall Pro a couple days ago, from Zonealarm Pro.
I got everything set up, but I can’t access my Windows shares on the computer from my Macintoshes. I’m using the SMB protocol. I can connect, login and select shares with my mac but it won’t “mount” them.

All of my network is in the address ranges. The network is of 2 working intel macs (one laptop, wireless, one desktop, wireless, all Mac OS X 10.5), 1 working PowerPC mac (wired, hardly ever used) and one old shuttle homebuilt (wired, windows xp, the one with Comodo installed and the one I’m trying to access). a Linksys 24 port gigabit switch and a 2wire gateway (wireless access point) make up the backbone.

I have put all 172.16.1.* addresses into the trusted zone in Comodo. I have also opened up port 445 in comodo.
I had the same problem with zonealarm until I allowed SMB traffic through, but I don’t know how to let it through on Comodo.

I still can’t access my windows shares with my Macs. What am I doing wrong? and is there any way to resolve this problem?

Getting help in another section.