Can't access remote computer anymore!!!

I use Windows Home Server which can only be accessed via ‘mstsc’ (remote desktop connection), because the server itself doesn’t support a monitor or keyboard. I installed COMODO Internet Security on it, and now I can’t log in anymore because the firewall blocks it. All my network drives are disconnected as well. My last option would be resetting the server to its factory condition. (I think I’m in big trouble). PLEASE HELP!

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Instead of connecting via remote desktop, try to connect via the service console. On your local PC, run services.msc, if you are on W7, under the action menu, you can connect to a remote computer. If you can, then disable the comodo services. This should allow for remote desktop to be re-enabled.

Hope this works


I tried to do it, and it comes up an alert window:

 "Windows was unable to open service control manager database on

 Error 1722: The RPC server is unavailable"

My guess is that the firewall blocks this action as well. What can I do?

Go to Services and make sure the Remote Procedure Call services is running. If it is stopped double click on it to start it. When the start up mode is set to disabled you may have to change the start up mode first to either manual or automatic.

Services can be found under Control Panel -->Administrative Tools.

RPC was running, however RPC Locator wasn’t, so I turned it on, and cheers, I was in. But I couldn’t stop the service, I could only change the startup status to disable and then reboot the server.

Thanks a millioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon.