Can't access or run any programs

Not sure what happened, but know I can not run any programs at all.
Every program I try to run come back with “You do not have permission to access this drive, folder, program”!!!
I can not even shutdown the computer because I do not have access/permission to do that.
Totally hosed.
Last thing I did was try to run the cpfv3 config .hta file from this website. Since the firewall said that this program may be unsafe, I said run as isolated program. Know I can not run programs, can not run System, can not run Add/Remove.!!!

You probably actually isolated explorer.exe, the program that launches the config.hta file, due to the confusing popup. You can close the computer down with the power button, boot into safe mode, and then uninstall cfp3 to get rid of the block. Then install again normally and be wary of the popups when you isolate things.

I think this is very bad practice. Attempting to block a suspect .hta file disables your ENTIRE. I think a little more preventive programming and user alerts should be put in place. Definitely not a good practice for an average or power user.

Can you access Defence+/Computer Security Policy?


ps If you get a pop up your not sure of “Block” it but don`t check “Remember my Answer”