Cant access my removable device after malware removal

heres a list of my actions

  1. i connected my memorystick pro duo through my psp usb cable conection to my windows xp home to transfer files to another pc running windows vista home prem
    2.after disconnecting my mem stick from xp to the vista pc and transferring the files the first time nothing happened
    3.repeated numbers 1 and 2 in the list then i reconnected the connection to my xp and got an alert from comodo antivirus name of virus: worm.win32.vb.~ss[at]57154986 file name:(NAME OF MY VISTA PC).eXe
    5.message telling me i dont have the right to access these files after the quarritine
    6.disconnected mem stick then reconnected thinkin it was clean then the same message poped up after clicking open folder to view files etc from the auto run pop up asking what to do
    7.restarted pc
    8.reconnected same no rights to access message appeared.

Note: It definetly came from the ista computer because after connecting a different memory stick to my xp it worked like normal but then i connected it to my vista then put it back in my xp and the same antivirus alert appeared withthe same virus name and the same file except with different captial letters i cant access my memorystick which is not good
Can some body help me fix this problem so that i am able to access them again,remember i restarted my pc and that didnt fix it.

UPDATE:after reconnecting i noticed an option in auto run pop up said open using program provided on device then went down and saw open with explorer and im able to access files. but how do i get rid of the option now that the worm put there

The worm creates a file called autorun.inf that points to the .exe so it’s executed every time you plug the drive in.
You’ve deleted the .exe, but autorun still points to it so windows doesn’t know what to do.
Just delete autorun.inf from the drive and then reboot and it should be ok.