Can't access internet through network bridge

I have 2 machines, one i use as a server running windows xp which connects to my router wirelessll, and my main machine which connects to my server box with a network cable. My server is setup with a network bridge between the wireless and the lan so i can connect to the internet through this main machine.
I just installed the latest Comodo firewall (5.3.181415.1237) on my server which detected my network fine and i allowed the internet program that were running via the popups but when the firewall on the server is active i can’t connect to anything from this machine, all activity to the internet is blocked. I can still access my server box with remote desktop and folder sharing but with the firewall active everything on the other side of the bridge is blocked, i can’t even access my router.
If i disable the firewall i can access the internet fine, but any other settings e.g. Training mode or Safe mode block everything.

The stealth ports wizard says my network is already added to the trusted zones list and i even tried removing all blocking rules from the network security policy. Just tried deleting the old network and adding a new one with type ‘Any address’ then setting it to the trusted zone with the stealth ports wizard but still no luck.

Seems a bit pointless having a firewall if i have to keep it disabled to access the internet :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you Bridging Network cards within XP, or do you have a physical bridge between the XP box and the router?

I’m using the onboard gbit lan (nforce 630a) and an addin card for wireless (netgear wg311t) i have them setup as briged in windows xp. With the firewall on i can still access the internet on the server.

Ok this is wierd… Since i made my post i have switched this machine off for a few hours and now when i tested it again it’s working! I don’t know if it was a lan cable disconnect or something else random which caused comodo to start allowing things through the bridge but it seems to be fixed now although i did reboot both computers a few times while testing yesterday.

Thankyou for your time anyway :stuck_out_tongue: