Can't access home network camera

I have a Panasonic network camera at home, wired to my home router. The camera has been set to a non-standard port number, well out of the range of commonly used ports. The home router is set for port forwarding on that port, and the camera is accessible from non-Comodo Firewalled computers – no problem. But on my computer, running Comodo Firewall 3.5, I can’t access it (when the firewall is running). I’ve put the firewall into training mode, and while the camera login appears, and certain basic parts of the HTML on the page show up, the bulk of the camera interface (on the web browser) doesn’t display, much less getting the video from the camera.

I’d hoped the training mode would allow me to run legit aps and “train” Comodo to allow access for all components related to an application, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. I’m probably not understanding the process correctly. Is this obvious to any of you?


With what program are you accessing the camera? Winodws Explorer? Internet Explorer? Do I understand correctly you need an open port for incoming traffic?

I’m trying both Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 3.0.6 (both will work when Comodo Firewall is disabled).

As far as opening a port: I have two Sony network cameras as well, with adjacent ports, and these are accessed with no problem with Comodo enabled. Like the Panasonic camera, it also has incoming traffic, but I didn’t have to do any manual configuration for that one, and I’d imagined Comodo would be clever enough to manage some of this on its own (or give me a pop-up and give me that option, like I normally does with other programs trying to access the network).

Maybe it’s a simple conflict? Did you check the logs?

Am looking at the log for today. Nothing. Empty.