Can't access "Get Live Support", getting an error message "Can't run LivePC ..."

Can’t access “Get Live Support”, getting an error message “Can’t run LivePC Support application”.

I have tried clicking on a link from within my Comodo Anti-Virus application that I just downloaded and installed yesterday. When I click on a link for “Get Live Support” I get this error message.

Any idea why?

How can I get live support?


How did you install CIS from the cisfree_installer.exe 2.7MB or full download 41MB.

If it was from the second option you will have to download Live Support from here Remote Computer Repair Support Online PC Help | Geekbuddy

I used cis_setup_x86.msi from Download Free Comodo Antivirus Software | 100% PC Protection

Is this a problem? Do I have to pay to be able to use the livesupport, from within the application?


Yes you have to install Live support as a separate application as you installed from the full download of CIS.

You can get 30 day trial from the link I posted.

In CIS V4 you have to click More tab to be able to access the help file.