Canon Powershot G1X Mark II


Abovementioned camera has wifi capabilities but for some reason the Comodo firewall blocks the connection between the camera and my laptop.
A.s.a I shut down the firewall the connection is made and everything works fine. My camera has a static IP address.
Please advise what I can do to fix this.

Thanks in advance.

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Check the logs to see whats being blocked.

Firewall log is completely empty give no reports whatsoever.

What about the Defense+ log?

No strange things there.

Strange thing is when I close the firewall in “incoming” the following applications appear and connection is made with the camera :


I have entered them in trusted applications but does not work when firewall is running again.

Here are some things you can try:

First: Set Comodo to “Alert on Incoming Connections” with the stealth ports wizard.

Second: Set your firewall alert level to “medium” and disable “Do NOT show popup alerts”.

Third: Try unchecking “Block Fragmented IP traffic” in the firewall options if it is checked.

Hi Netguy 101, thanks for your assistance but unfortunately the suggestions did not do the trick.



Please submit a support ticket here:

Hopefully they can help resolve this issue.

Give these two applications the Trusted Application policy in Application Rules.

Can you also show a screenshot of your Global Rules?

Thanks for your suggestions but they did not work either.

Please find attached my Global Rules.

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In what IP ranges are networks Thuis#1 and Thuis#2? What is the IP address of your camera?

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Hi Eric,

Please find attached IP adresses

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Thank you for the screenshot. What is the IP address of your camera? Can you also post a screenshot of the Application Rules of the firewall?

Hi Eric,

The camera has no fixed IP address anymore. Please find attached appl. rules.

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I assume the camera now gets it IP address from the DHCP server of the router. Is that correct?

For testing please make a new rule for svchost.exe. Give it the Allowed Application (Toegestane Applicatie) policy and place it above the current rule for svchost.exe. This is to see if svchost.exe is playing a role in your situation.

You are correct with the DCHP server. I am not able to make a new svchost.exe rule because it already exists.

In that case write down the rule you made for svchost.exe for safekeeping.

Then we’re going to edit the rule. Add at the bottom a rule to ask for and log all incoming traffic. That way we can see if svchost.exe is playing a role in getting connected to the camera.

Sorry still no go.