Cannot view backed up files within Full Backup CBU file.

Hi all,

I’m a new user to Comodo Backup and I like it so far.
I have a problem where I have carried out a full CBU backup of my PC, but cannot seem to select an individual file within the backup file to restore.
At Step 2 during the Restore process, I cannot select the “Append files” option, only the “Clean restore” option is available. If I proceed to Step 3, “What do you want to restore”, it display “C:(57231)”, but the backup file is on an external HDD which is the “F” drive.
I’m confused, all I want to do is simply select an individual file within the backup file to restore from.

Please help.

Regards, Wynford

PS. btw, is there a way to upload screenshots on this forum?

Welcome to the forum wthomas :slight_smile:

Regarding your PS


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When restoring, step 3 allows you to expand the backup down to the file level and you can select a single file to be restored.

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S> A future verson will allow drive/partition backups to be mounted as a virtual drive.


Disk/partition backups are performed with a sector-by-sector method, so there isn’t any possibility to browse the partition.
As Ewen stated, the next version will bring mounting disk/partition backups as virtual drives, so you will be able to browse their content from explorer or any similar program.


Hi there,

So what’s the point in having a backup software that you cannot restore individual files from?
Can you tell me when the next release will be avilable which hopefully will allow this function?

Regards, Wynford

Mounting partition backup as virtual drives will be available in the next release.
You will be able to browse the backup content and restore individual files.
The next release will probably come at the end of the next month.