cannot upload files to yahoo mail


I’m a newbie.I hope that this message gets to you and hope you are the CEO. I mean no disrespect but I felt compelled to voice my concern about an issue I have encountered with your company’s software. If I’m correct you must surely already be aware of it. I have the newest version of the hated Vista and the lastes free version of CIS and cannot upload files to yahoo mail. I feel that for you and your softwares credibility this should be of some concern as many users must surely face the same problem. As I was perfectly able to upload files before downloading CIS I logically assume that CIS is at fault here. I fully appreciate the complexity of your guys jobs but wonder if can update me on the progress being made with this issue.
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Johnny Walker

Disabling D+ and then see if you can attach: Right click on Shield tray icon > mouse over “Defense Security Level” > click “Disabled”. Now try attaching. Change back to whichever setting was selected before change to Disabled.

So did it upload?

And what browser do you use?

Do your research before poisoning other users. Check your D+ config. Uninstall CIS and try it again. If you have the so hated Vista like u said…why dont you check that also for a starter.

And pls, elaborate on your problem. What exactly is happening and when? What other software do u have installed and what huge changes to the OS you made before you started having that problem.

CIS does not monitor the web browser directly but if you configured D+ incorrectly you might end up with problems like that.

So to sum up, pls elaborate on your problem so we can try help U.


As darcjrt said, We need more info to help you.

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Kranx, what is your browser??? If you use ‘noscript’ with ‘Firefox’ and if your configurations are not correct, you will not be able to upload files. As far as I know, CIS do not interefere with uploading files as I already use yahoo mail without any problems.

I think your problem is that of Java. Yahoo mail uses Java and if you have noscript or any other software which is configured to block Java, you will not be able to upload files. Also, please see whether Java is enabled in the ‘browser’ whether IE, FF or Opera itself.

Please also check darcjet and jeremy’s suggestions.

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