Cannot update

I’m on version 5.5.195786.1383 When I try to click on the “Check for Updates” link, nothing happens at all. It’s like it’s not even there. I’m wondering, is it this way intentionally because there are known problems upgrading to the new version from my current one? And I have to do a clean uninstall/re-install?

My OS is XP Pro SP3. I have no other software running real-time besides CIS, and I’m using the Firewall/D+ only, no AV.

Thanks for any help.

Please check if cfpupdat.exe is present in the CIS installation folder. It it is not there copy the back up version from the repair folder and try again.

If cfpupdat.exe is present please check its version number against the version number in the repair folder. If the version in the repair folder is newer then rename cfpupdat.exe in the main folder to cfpupdat.exe.bak. Then copy cfpupdat.exe to the main folder and try again.

Thanks, that was indeed the problem. Now I’m just puzzled as to why/how that file was removed in the first place?..

I have no definitive answer to that question. But it is something that has been noticed before. It is probably explained by problems with the updater scripts.