Cannot Update

Am using comodo Free fire wall
Cannot update
Get message Error 108
Thanks for any help

What’s The Version Of CIS You Are Currently Using ?

I cannot update either with Verion 3.5… free version as it says to check my Internet Connection which is fine for everything else…online…

Hi carolemramsey ,

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Since the original poster (OP) bumpyneck did not reply yet - your problem is most likely different

First, OP was talking about Firewall only as far as I understand (I could be wrong though)

You did not mentioned whether you are using Firewall only or full CIS with Antivirus
In any case your version is very outdated

v3.5 had a problem with uninstalling / installing the next on which at that stage was 3.8 anyway.

So, the advice is: in any case uninstall 3.5 and perform “Clear Installation” of the latest v3.14

Another personal advice - do not even try at this stage installing v4.

Please report if you have any problem uninstalling v3.5 and installing v.3.14 - you will be advised how to clean the registry leftovers if any troubles

In addition it is always very important to be more specific about the OS, Service Pack you are using and the platform (32bit or x64)

My regards