Cannot update??


I only installed Comodo a few days ago and so far am very impressed.

I do have one problem though (actually had two but fixed the Activesync one with help of the FAQ’s).

When I click on the update button it says I need to have admin privilges and to contact my system admin.

Well I DO have admin priviliges?

Any ideas what could be wrong?


PS I MAY have missed something basic as I am really a Mac user but am running Comodo on my Parallels installed XP Pro SP2.

I didnt think Parallels allowed a Windows administrator login, only user logins. I could be wrong, btu it would be worth looking into.

ewen :slight_smile:

Parallels is just a PC Virtualisation.

The Account I have has admin priviliges as far as I am aware.

I created it when I set up the system and I do EVERYTHING within this account.

Not sure what else I shoudl be looking for?


In that case, you might have a virus preventing you from updating a firewall. Try doing a virus/spyware scan with latest definitions.

I have AWG virus software laoded and fully updated.

I have swept my machine twice int eh last couple of days.

Clean bill of health.


Is this computer part of a domain, eg. a company computer?

Domain admins can restrict and limit your domain account, even if it has local admin rights.

Currently yes it is.

But it has never stopped me adding any software before of any kind?


Even software that installs a kernel level driver?

I have a similar problem, whereas my Domain Admin in his/their infinite wisdom (can you feel the irony?) has restricted this. The quickest workaround is to use the “log on as…” feature using a local account with local admin rights. Or log out your domain account and log back on with your computer account instead.

All software including Anti Virus software has always installed without problem.

Comodo is the first to give me this issue?


Software installation doesn’t necessarily impose these restrictions, but updating the software will in some cases. Since you’re updating a firewall, you are trying to update Kernel level files. And Domain Admins can restrict this to prevent malicious code trying to do the same. It’s as simple as that.
Can you try my suggested workaround and give us some feedback on how it went?

So do I have to create a new Admin account to ‘logon as’???

Please remember I am a Mac user and while I know my way around some stuff in XP much of it is foreign to me!


Yes. Unless you can use the default Administrator account. Domain Admins usually disables, renames or lock these but you should still be able to make your own local Administrator account. Either log on with this, or use the “Run as…” feature.
Exit the firewall, right click the shortcut icon and select the Run as… and chose a local admin account instead of your domain account. Now you should be able to update the firewall as normal.