Cannot Update Virus Signature


Thanks for Comodo. I had it through my vendor of my new PC.

Since early January COMODO cannot update itself. When I try it always says that there is no Interner connection Err 108.

But when I click Diagnostic from the COMODO Internet Security it says that there is no problem with my installation.

My vendor suggest that I have a virus blocking COMODO to update. I hesitate to believe this because 1) COMODO did not warn me about anu problems and 2) I scanned the PC with AVG on another PC networked with this one and AVG found no infection.

Any suggestions?


I have the same problem. The System status reports “The virus signature database is NOT up to date” When I click on Update Now, I immediatly get a message “Failed to update the virus signature database. Please check your internet connection and try again later.” Well I do have an internet connection or I wouldn’t be able to post this message. I am using Firefox, not IE as my browser. Could this be the cause?

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What version of CIS have you both got installed and what Virus database version.

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Same problem. Cannot update. Says I do not have Internet connection. COMODO details are: Comodo Internet security Product version 3.8.64263.468. (Serial EFA2B1F38A2B4c66BCDD3B0C85AEFF27)- Virus signature Data base version:1157. - Last updated on Thursday 05,January 2010.
Thought I must be infected. Had an on line quick scan by Bitdefender. Nothing was detected.
Thank you.

Phew, thought it was just me. Update gets to 5% then fails.

Product Version : 3.9.95478.509
Virus Sig Database version: 1538
Last updated: Friday January 2010 6:55:49 PM

Installation date 06/01/2009

Would it help to remove and reinstall the latest version or would it be better to wait for a patch?

BTW:Thanks for the great software folks!

Sorry the latest version is 3.13.126709.581 your versions are some months out of date, I think 3.9 was realeased in May 2009 and 3.12 in September, you should have had a program update notification then.

You will have to uninstall and install the latest version, you can download it from here;msg355806#msg355806


Thank you Dennis2. I just did that and it is back to normal. Some custom adjustments had to be made again, though. Will this has to be repeated next time comodo is upgraded? ;D

Did you disable the alert for automatic notification of program updates?

No I didn’t disable it. Updating the virus data base is OK. But updating the whole program periodically for fresh virus data base is a bit cumbersome, don’t you think? It becomes an irritation when you have to uninstall the old one and do a new install. Any way, never mind, that is the way the world goes on. Regards.

Agreed here that CIS has been at least a bit of a pain up the bum with AV updates over the last couple of months. Especially for dial up users. The only thing I can say is that Comodo is still young and rapidly developing… 88)