Cannot update virus database behind proxy [RESOLVED]

This should reflect the latest updates:

My virus DB is still on 973 :'(. In fact, when I enter the proxy settings, it fails straight away. If left blank, it at least looks like it’s trying to update (i.e 5% then failure).

Could someone behind a company proxy at least confirm to me that the “proxy” section does work? That way, it may be a problem with the proxy we’re using here.


Edit: Btw, the link below shows the settings that I have been using:-


I posted in the other thread, can you check that ?

Checked and working now. Thanks :-TU.


What was wrong ? name resolving ?

Domain name was missing.

Tried importing from IE but I guess that doesn’t work because I don’t need to enter a password in IE to browse (which would be required in CIS).


So we can consider this fixed :-))