Cannot update using a Limited Account

It seems that CAVS2 (beta) is unable to update using a limited account. It goes through the motions as if CAVS has updated but if you run the update again (and again), it shows the same ammount of updates to be applied.

Running under an administrator account applies updates correctly. Not sure whether this is a bug or not. If CAVS isn’t supposed to update using a limited account, it would be nice for a dialog box to appear explaining this at the beginning.


Sorry to bring this up again but isn’t being unable to update as a standard user a MAJOR problem (for those with limited accounts) :’(. Maybe it’s just me but I always thought it was best practice to run Windows using a limited account (not admin) :-\ .


uhmm, its good practise but sometimes also troublesome. I used to run under limited account but then had to come back to admin account since I couldnt dig into da comp :slight_smile:

now my best practise is my current set of secuirty apps. But Im waitin to da day that CPF3 and CAVS3 will replace all.

abt the update, Im haf no idea :slight_smile:

You’re right, Graham1; it is more secure to run under a Limited User Account. Let me see what the devs say about this issue…


It would also be nice to be able to disable CAVS as well as the other options disabled under the limited account. Maybe prompt the user for a password.


CAVS updater doesn’t work under restricted user mode.
We will make it work or will disable this in non-admin mode in future update.


I hope you are able to get it to work under a limited account :). I guess you can always close CAVS down manually and “run as” as admin.