Cannot update/uninstall Comodo Firewall version 3.5.57173.439


I was surfing the net when I was surprised by a message from Comodo saying that it could not update itself. I had never seen any such thing in Comodo before so I thought, hmmm, could my firewall be broken or compromised?

My next step was to try a manual update. I received the same message.

I decided that it couldn’t hurt to update to a newer version. I attempted to install version “CIS_Setup_3.5.55810.432_XP_Vista_x32” and it went through the normal process asking if I would like to uninstall the previous version. I clicked yes. Nothing happened.

I looked for the Comodo Firewall setting in the Windows Home XP Sp2 area “Add or Remove Programs” and found that the heading for Comodo Firewall no longer existed. I followed that with a search in the installation directory for the program for the traditional uninstall file… and did not find any such file.

I repeated this uninstallation process utilizing different versions (older versions) of Comodo Firewall in case this problem might be version related. I experienced the same uninstallation failure.

At this point it would appear that I am stuck with a version of Comodo FIrewall which is unremoveable and I am starting to wonder how reliable it’s protection is under these circumstances. I would like to remove it and update it to the newer version. Am I missing anything?

I have a 2.8 gyg CPU, Win XP Home Sp2 32bit all updates (except Sp3) with latest directx installed. 1 gyg ram, clean machine AVAST anti-virus (free) and Malwarebytes (Each updated and all scans show a clean machine. Everything else about my machine seems perfect.

I can shutdown Comodo so it will not start with WIndows if I want it to. I have already established that the new Comodo software will not let me replace or update this software which appears to be missing some key registry settings, or so I would be thinking.

I’d appreciate your feedback. For now, this is beyond me.

Try disabling D+ and then do the uninstall with add/remove programs.
Hopefully that should do the trick!

Sorry, I do not know what D+ is or how to disable it.

Comodo Firewall is no longer listed in the software menu of installed programs… Or I would have attempted to install from that location in the first place. As I mentioned previously, the uninstall file in the Comodo Firewall directory also appears to be non-existant.

I am thinking to make a manual pass through the registry to purge and entries related to the Comodo Firewall… It is not something which I am looking forward to.

In case this is significant… I do not use system restore as I have never found it necessary and consider it an insecure system which potentially can make the elimination of some serious problems more problematic.

Download Regcleaner: Download RegCleaner - MajorGeeks . Take out the keys referring to Comodo and CIS and you are ready to install any version you want again. The installer won’t see an older version.

You can now manually delete the installation folders if you want and clean install. You can additionally run a regcleaner to get rid of autorun keys and others.

Nice Try Again:

I already had regcleaner installed and attempted exactly what you suggested. There are no entries showing up there regarding my installation of Comodo Firewall. It is beginning to look as if my only way to get rid of this botched installation might be to format everything off of my hard drive.

Any other suggestions?

Oh yes, thanks for the previous attempt.

I need to update this thread as something further has occurred.

I managed to uninstall and update my Comodo Firewall to version: CIS_Setup_3.5.55810.432_XP_Vista_x32 . This I accomplished by manually removing any registry setting related to the software (which required changing permissions manually as well).

From here on I figured I was probably safe. I rebooted in safe mode and in Admisitration setting deleted the previous Comodo Firewall folder. Time to install the previously mentioned updated version. All went well. I rebooted in normal mode.

As before, there appear to be no records of this installation in the Windows Add/Remove dialog window. It would appear that Comodo Firewall appears to wed itself for life to my system.

Clearly, I would say, something is not right here, although it does appear that the firewall is operating. I suppose I should run some tests to verify that since I don’t believe it is customary for Comodo to install itself without adding a manner in which to remove it.

This is a true puzzle. at least for me.

I still have this problem.
I have no way of updating CFP and I can’t find a way to remove it. Stuck…
Is the only option to follow the ‘Complete remove manually…’ thread elsewhere.

Comodo have a fine product and I’m really happy to have it but this is just so poor…sorry. (:AGY)

@Kitty. What happens when you install 3.8?