Cannot Update TomTom Sat Nav


I have an older HP Laptop - OS = WinXP Pro SP3

Since installing Comodo CIS I cannot use TomTom Home to download updates to be installed in my TomTom Sat Nav. Some updates download but others crash showing various error codes. As soon as an update download crashes TomTom Home stops and does not allow any downloads to be installed in my Sat Nav

Let me start by saying that I have little or no understanding of how to customise CIS. 99% of the settings are the default settings when CIS was downloaded. Having contacted TomTom and been advised that the problem was my internet security, as an experiment I disabled everything [Anti virus, Firewall, Defence, Sandbox] I was then able to use TomTom Home to download updates which then were installed in my TomTom Sat Nav as normal.

There is something in CIS that needs to be tweaked but I have no idea what or how to go about it. Would any of you be able to explain in very simple terms how I can solve this problem.


Hello FF;

Do you have any firewall events? (CIS > Firewall > View Firewall Events?) IF So can you export them (>More > File > Export) and than upload them to your next reply.


Can you also export your Defense events? That will help to see where the problem lies.