cannot update from 3.5, BSOD after uninstall, Windows 7 64bit


I noticed an available update for CIS (my ver. is 3.5.57173) - when I use the Check for Updates from CIS - I get Error 101 (Update cannot be completed). When I download update separatelly and run it - no changes to CIS. When I tried uninstall first last ver. I got BSOD (inspect.sys).

Any advice?

P.S. I have no other firewall, defense etc. programms on comp (Windows 7 beta 64 bit)…



Hello, you need to manually find the CIS updater and chose to threat it in vista compatibility mode…
To have windows 7 run the updater sucsessful as for now… Since win 7 is not officially supported… :slight_smile:

Also latest CIS version is 3.8.65951.477 so your 3.5.57173 version is “really old” maby a fresh install is the way to go. :wink:


  1. Download CIS
  2. Set to run as Vista Program in Properties.
  3. Open Cis and install.
  4. Run as complete suite, or use as AV/Defence and use Windows7 Firewall (I Do).

It runs great. updates. does it’s job on the Beta.

Priestly1 :-TU

Thanks for advices - I will follow them and then report back of results :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Forums, lcask.
Your updater (cfpupdat.exe) needs to be run in compatibility mode as well.