cannot update firewall v3.0.15.277

I am having a problem updating the free version of the firewall. I get a message stating cannot get file gaurd32.dll contact support. I also cannot remember ever registering but the firewall is up and running

You dont need to register for Comodo and version 277 is the latest so why update it? Duh.

I think what he means he is trying to use the automatic update feature to update to 3.15, and when tries to download he gets that error.

Uninstall CFP 3.14, Then install 3.15 from announcements or Comodo’s main website.


I always try to keep all my software updated , the uupdater said there was an update available but it would not get it. The last time I tried it gave me a little more information an error 112 with the gaurd32.dll.

hi all, having same problem,past few days comodo has shown itself updating but hasn’t so tryed a manual update and get error 112 message.

running vista ultimate with avg free and windows defender in back ground,( dunno why)

any help be great cheers. :■■■■

  1. I hope this might help. I just installed the comdo pro firewall and rebooted after reboot my antivirus software bleeps off reading that the c:\ windows\sytem 32\ gaurd32.dll is a virus. It isnt a virus it is part of the comodo firewall. During installation of the firewall application your suppose to dis-able all anti-virus, spyware programs etc. ((( which I didn’t do)) (:TNG)
    I’m thinking your alls spyware & anti-virus programs might be blocking that gaurd32.dll or even killed & deleted it. I found this out on the web for the gaurd32.dll as I truly thought i got a virus lol. good luck ((( worse case you might have to un-install & re-install the firewall

Just to check, I went to my comodo auto updated from to the latest and found the auto update feature worked in that I was told there are no new updates. So we can somewhat conclude its an intermittent problem that effects some computers but not others.

But I do have some questions and comments about incremental updates and the long term future.

(1) After a long beta test of CPF3, I think comodo was somewhat shocked at all the new problems that arose as less technically oriented but more diverse users found when they tried In the two months since initial release, all upgrades have been various bug fixes of the non intermittent kind. And kudos to comodo programmers, the speed at which problems have been solved has been truly amazing.

(2) We can now see it on the forums. Almost all the complaints we see now are mostly of the intermittent kind or fairly rare. And only effects certain computers and not others.

(3) To make CPF3 a living firewall the white list and blacklists must be updated as new software comes on line. And gradually most updates will presumably reflect this. So I somewhat ask will updates of these kinds will tend to create new chase the tail problems and conflicts?