Cannot update / error message: no internet connection

Hello there

Have used this excellent firewall on home networked HP laptop for 2 months totally problem free - I have been extremely impressed with it until now.

From out of nowhere, it is currently impossible for me to avoid Your system seems not to be connected to the internet message when attempting to check for updates.

I’m posting this as a new cry for help as I’ve read the other threads whereby people have solved the issue by un/re-installing and/or allowing cpfupdat.exe internet access with invisible connections enabled - I have tried all of these but to no effect.

I would be very grateful if anyone could offer me a steer on this as it’s essential, obviously, to be able to update without having to continually un/re install…

Thanks in advance.


Current version
No other firewalls
No tweaks to system that could have provoked this mysterious change