Cannot Update CIS Or Uninstall

I have Internet Security Premium 5 installed on 3 different PCs, 2 XP (one is a bare bones backup installation) and one on Windows 7, and I’ve found recently that I cannot either update any of them nor uninstall them. When I try to update the Virus definitions it gets to 5% then stops, and the main CIS update generates a 0x80072ee2 error on all 3 machines.

I tried uninstalling CIS on my main XP machine, but it failed multiple times saying it could not access CIS setup files, the program quits and says I have to restart my PC. I tried installing a fresh copy downloaded from the web site and the same thing happened. I have since tried to reinstall CIS on my other machines with the same results.

Can anyone suggest what may be wrong, are the Comodo servers down? And why I can’t even uninstall CIS? Maybe a previous update is causing problems?

just out of couriosity are u working behind a router? if so what kind

I have used the same Belkin Wireless G modem router for the last 2 years and have not altered the setup since I started using it. The update/uninstall problem has only occoured in the last few months.

There is currently a lot of work going on with the Comodo servers that makes it for a small group of users impossible to install av updates. That could be an explanation for the update problem with your av.

As to not being able to uninstall. Best thing to do is to boot WIndows into Safe Mode and run this clean up tool. Then boot back into normal mode and try installing again.