Cannot update behind proxy


I’m having problems updating my virus database. Strange thing is, it works most of the time and then occasionally, it stops updating (for what ever reason). What I’ve noticed that when it’s not working, cmdagent.exe uses port 80 (rather than my proxy port, 8080). IE is working fine when this occurs. My system specs are below:-

Vista SP1, Admin account (not limited), CIS 3.5.57173.439 (781), SafeSurf and BOClean 4.27 installed. Computer on domain although I’m the only user.


Edit: Btw, I’m using “Proactive Security”. Any more info required, let me know.

Just tried updating and seems to be working again (using port 8080). Very weird ???


OK, First of all: What proxy is it? Squid?
Check your Internet Options at control panel >Connections >Lan Settings and check the proxy port. I don’t know if it’s different on Vista but give it a try.