Cannot update AV sig files?

After reading todady about that recent firewall etc test that put Comodo as #1, I installed all of the Comodo products including CAV on my laptop. However, every time I try to update the AV signature files, it throws error 109, saying it doesn’t find an active internet connection. In fact, it didn’t really let me do anything that required an internet connection, including submit a file for analysis. All the while, mind you, letting me surf at will in IE, read and send mail in Eudora, etc etc.

Clearly something is not configured correctly in CAV and/or the Firewall, but it’s all pretty much set to the defaults so I’m unsure what else to try.

Any suggestions? Running on XP sp2 box, and all other AV/FW were disabled at the time.


charlottesville, va

This is strange, try doing a re-installation. Also keep in mind that this is a beta product.

Hi elaine. :slight_smile: Other av/fw disabled or uninstalled?These other security products need to be uninstalled first, not disabled. Hope this helps.

Hi, here’s some input from me:

As I booted up today, I decided to try the manual update immediately, since I know that it takes 15 minutes before CAVS performs its automatic update. I got the “Error 109” - “Problem with internet connection” as well, even though the internet worked perfectly. Later (more than 15 minutes), I checked the date of the last update, and it was yesterday - meaning that the automatic updater had not done anything (yet). So once more I decided to try the manual one, and voilà, it worked!

So Elaine, try to do another update. If it still doesn’t work, try to restart your computer - wait for 15 minutes (meanwhile, take a cup of coffee), and then check if you have today’s virus definitions. If not, try the manual updater again.

Good luck!