Cannot update a sandboxed version of Firefox.


How to update Firefox inside CIS Widget?

Whenever I run sandboxed version of Firefox (I click on Firefix icon in the Widget), I’ve got error that system prevents Firefox from installing the update. The non sandboxed version has been updated.

I hoped the restart would sort the issue but it did not work. As I did not find anything in Google, I have simply uninstalled and installed it again with the update. Not the best solution.

Do not update anything, because it is a virtual sandbox environment. Changes will not get into the real system

Hi Zbc,

It’s really hard to explain probably because English is not my first language.

CIS v8 detects browsers installed in the System and puts their “sandboxed” versions in Browser pane of its Widget. Basically, I can run either normal version clicking on a regular browser icon on Desktop or a sandboxed version clicking on an available icon browser in the Widget → browser pane.

What I did was I updated Firefox executing just the normal version.
Then I run a sandboxed version from the Widget. However, every time I executed Firefox from the Widget the error occurred with message the update could not be applied even though it was ready to install.

I simply reinstalled Firefox after restart CIS detected a new version of Firefox. Everything works now.

What I don’t know is how I can control sandboxed browser versions in the Widget manually, without uninstalling / installing any browser.


for firefox to update run it normally (unsandboxed) and let it update. After the update completes reset the sandbox by going to tasks → sandbox tasks → reset sandbox. This will clear the entire sandbox (deleting everything in it). The next time you run firefox sandboxed it should be updated.

Hey wasgij6. That’s what I was waiting for :slight_smile:
May I have one question. Is it possible to control which browser appears in the browser pane in the Widget?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Im glad that worked for you. There is not currently a way to change the browsers displayed on the widget. This would be a good addition to the wishlist

Read this before creating a new wish request