Cannot uninstall

I did not mean to install the Cloud Antivirus in the first place, but I decided to give it a shot once I realized that’s what I had. After fighting with some connection issues, and realizing it doesn’t really work if Steam is running, I decided to update it. Since then, it informs me that the realtime protection is not working, and asks me if I want to fix that, once I allow it to attempt to fix it, it asks for a restart, which I allow. After every start, I am at step one again, with the realtime protection not working, after some time of trying to fix it, I decided to switch to the more traditional comodo antivirus, but the uninstall does not work, it crashes immediately. At this point, I am stuck with a non-functioning antivirus, blocking me from using a working antivirus. How do I uninstall the Cloud Antivirus if the uninstall crashes whenever I use it.

Edit: Forgot to mention, new computer, Window 10.

Hi crazy_alan1988,
It could be caused by a corrupt installation.
Try re-installing CCAV using the same version installer.
Then try uninstalling again.

Kind regards.

I download the installer of the same version, and it too automatically crashes, and I still cannot uninstall the antivirus.

Do you get any error messages?
Have you rebooted the system (System restart)?

Edit note: I have not tried the following, but it maybe worth considering.

Upon a third attempt to use the downloaded installer (so that I may copy the error that appears), it worked for some reason, allowing me to repair the Cloud Antivirus, and I have now been able to uninstall it, and switch to the normal Comodo Antivirus.

Hi crazy_alan1988,
Sorry to hear about the difficulties and inconvenience you encountered.
I am glad to hear that it is now solved. :slight_smile:

Kind regards.