cannot uninstall

I am trying to uninstall CIS the firewall. But I cannot. It says that there was a network error that occured while attempting to read from CFP_setup.MSI and the path to the file. Well I went there and the file wasn’t there. I have a program that searches the whole computer and the no file with the letters cfp together in the name exists on the computer. So I need to somehow uninstall this. Is there somewhere that I can get this file? Or is there another way to uninstall it that doesn’t need the built-in uninstaller? I am using revo but that uses the built-in one too to get rid of most of the program.

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Here is how you solve your problem

Download CIS clean up tool and use it in safe mode as admin. click here for more info

In case you want use CIS again here is CIS5. 32bit/64bit to download.

Valentin N

Okay thank you. I will try that.

Please keep me informed :slight_smile: