Cannot uninstall ???

I’ve seen a few other posts on this subject from the past but wondered if things have changed since.

I’m trying to uninstall Comodo to reinstall but cannot find it in Control Panels/Add remove software. What gives? Anything that hides itself from Windows has to be malware itself no???

Please let me know how to make this app visible to the System or I’ll have to Ghost myself back to a ‘trusted’ ZoneAlarm period.


Ok if you can’t see it in add/remove programs try this, go to the start menu then go to all programs then go to Comodo. Click on that then go to Comodo Internet Security then click on that then below that you should see uninstall or upgrade click on that and follow the instructions. I hope that helps. If not please leave a follow up post.

Otherwise start the command prompt and paste the following into it including the quotes: “c:\Program Files\Comodo\COMODO Internet Security\cfpconfg.exe” -u . Then press enter. You may need to edit the path if Comodo is in another folder.

To start the command prompt go to Start → Run → cmd → enter.