Cannot uninstall winzip from Vista Ultimate

I installed winzip, an old version, in Vista. It did not make any uninstall option in Vista’s start menu.

I have looked for the “Add and Remove Programs” in Vista’s control panel. It doesn’t have one. Why would it not have one?

So now I am stuck with this stupid winzip that I think dates back to windows 95.

I have manually deleted all shortcuts and files…except one stubborn dll file located in its directory.

Vista tells me that I need permission to perform the action. Stupid because there is only one user account and that is me.

What do I do?

I renamed the darn dll file in the winzip directory into txt. That allowed me to delete the darn thing.

But now I have a problem.

I am sure that winzip registry entries still exist. I want them purged. Hence my other post:;msg336619#msg336619

I could really use an excellent Vista Ultimate registry cleaner.